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In a football or soccer league, like the English Premier League, there are many stakeholders who make money out of it. These stakeholders, who are usually in a net profit position from their participation in the league, include:-

  • Players;
  • Club Owners;
  • League Sponsors;
  • Coaches/Managers;
  • Agents;
  • Regulatory Bodies;
  • TV Rights Holders/TV Partners;
  • Referees/Officials;
  • Owners of Stadiums;
  • Club Employees;
  • Workers in the Stadiums;
  • Commentators;
  • Security agents, etc

Conspicuously absent from the list above are the fans/supporters/spectators. This is because the fans/supporters/spectators usually are in net loss positions from their participation in the league!

Interestingly, if a head count is taken, of all stakeholders in a football or soccer league, it will be discovered that at least 90 percent of them are fans. So, putting it in perspective, of every 100 stakeholders, at least 90 of them(fans) are paying so that 10 or less of them will go home richer. This top 10% can be called the Elite 10 of the league.

In a sense, an analogy can be drawn between the Internet and the football or soccer league. Of the billions of Internet stakeholders, there is an elite group of people who are being enriched in the process. The 90 percent group consisting of internet users, pay Internet Service Providers(ISPs) for Internet Service, buy online, pay for advertising and other services  while the elite 10% receive advertising fees, hosting fees, affiliate earnings, royalties, service fees and other payments.

Shouldn’t you quit being a spectator now? Stop watching in amusement as the top 10% rake in all the money, join the Elite 10 and start Playing on the Internet League.

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