Characteristics of Internet Banking Scams

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The common aim of fraudsters targeting your Internet Banking is to obtain privileged information or resources (money, etc) that they should not ordinarily have access to. Scammers are like microbes, they metamorphose by the day. They are constantly changing “formats” to appear as close to original as possible and by so doing, to avoid detection. But the following are some symptoms that should give you early warnings that you may be dealing with a scam:

  • E-mail requesting any of your personal information, usually sensitive information about your account or your ATM Personal Identification Number(PIN).
  • E-mail requesting you to call a “Customer Care agent” to update your account information.
  • E-mail requesting you to visit your Internet Banking Account by “Clicking on a link” contained in the e-mail.

Below are some tips to help you carry out safer banking transactions on the internet:

  1. Do not respond to any mail or call requesting you to update any of your account information or ATM PIN. If you have ever responded to any such mail, contact your bank immediately through their OFFICIAL Phone Number or by visiting their office.
  2. Visit your Internet Banking account ONLY through the Internet Banking Login provided by your bank on their website.
  3. Before logging into your internet banking account, ensure that your bank’s stated security features, eg SSL are active.
  4. Your account user ID and password are confidential; you should never disclose them to anyone.
  5. Be vigilante and careful when using your ATM card or accessing internet banking in public places. Do not ask strangers to assist you and make sure no one is watching when you input your PIN.

There may not be a conclusive list of safe guards for you. However, always remember that your bank and/or its representatives are never likely to ask you to update your password/PIN on the internet.

Please, if there are new scam methods that are not included here, do notify us. Together, we can make the internet safer going forward.

To your Internet Success.

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